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Benefit Technology


Kash Browne provides access to a premier online HR library featuring:
     *the most current federal and state laws and updates plus,
     *step-by-step guidelines for compliance as well as how to hire, interview and terminate employees.
We give you a comprehensive 360-degree view of human resource and benefits laws both on a federal and state level.
Whether you need a form, poster, the newest information on health care reform laws, state employment laws,
or a wide view of your HR information, we provide a great range of online tools to help you manage all your HR needs.

Sharefile - secure file transfer
Kash Browne utilizes Citrix/Sharefile to store files specific to our client. 
Only KB staff and designated client staff have acces to files stored via Sharefile. 
When a client uploads a file, staff at KB are notified and appropriate actions are set in motion. 
All file & communication is secure.

Via Kash Browne, clients have access to myHRcounsel where they will find experienced employment and business attorneys,
live and online anytime.  No more guesswork for any particular issue’s cost or ulcers stemming from inefficient counsel
burning through billable hours. Just the right answer, faster.

Paylocity - Integrated HR, Payroll, time & labor
Manage payroll, compliance, expenses, and more.
Win the battle for top talent.   The right HR and payroll software allows you to edge out the competition by securing
and retaining top employees.
Integrated, mobile-friendly social collaboration tools help you centralize accurate and timely company information.
Easily coordinate schedules and track time and labor.
You will have the ability to analyze and report the most important metrics on everything from demographics and labor
costs to turnover and compensation trends.

Lively - Scalable HSA Innovation/Standard Employee On-boarding
Tools to simplify and speed HSA account signup, program design, finalization and first funding. 
Designed to alleviate administrative burdens and optimize the experience for employees and employers.